Top 5 Social Events of 2020

1. Route 66

In August 2020, Summit Hills Hosted ‘Route 66 Week’ filled with fun events! Attendees enjoyed fresh peach milkshakes and other Route 66 themed desserts. Later in the week, Members participated in the Summit Hills Speedway and Car Racing! It was a great way to celebrate life on the open road!

2. Gourmet Meals, Happy Hours and More!

Our incredible Dining Services team at Summit Hills is always whipping up delicious meals, snacks and hors d’oeuvres for our Members to enjoy! Food is truly a staple in our social life in our community. Whether it’s a Cocktail Hour, Holiday Meal, Signature Experience, Drive Through, Tasting Event, Exclusive Dining Experience or one of our other wonderful activities, there’s always something new to try!

3. Courtyard CLIMB

C.L.I.M.B. is one of our favorite wellness classes at Summit Hills! To ensure that our Members were properly distanced and able to enjoy a little bit of fresh air, we moved a bunch of these classes to our outdoor courtyard! Our Wellness Director, David did a wonderful job of getting our Members moving and living The Weller Life! Did you know that our C.L.I.M.B. (Confidence, Longevity, Independence, Mobility, and Balance) class has been awarded the Argentum Best of the Best recognition? 🏆 C.L.I.M.B. focuses on the importance of maintaining and improving strength, balance, and flexibility for our Members. 💪

4. Sherlock Holmes Week

In August, Members and Staff at Summit Hills participated in ‘Sherlock Holmes Week’ – honoring the great detective! “You know my methods, Watson!”. We love a good mystery and Sherlock Holmes was on the case at the Hills. We had a few Baker Street originals who were on the case with Sherlock. Throughout the week they tested out their detective skills while enjoying some special treats to set the scene for the adventure. 🔍On the menu – Fish and Chips with Cider in the pub, Tea and Scones. At the end of the week, the case had been solved! 🔍 Our Sherlock Holmes Investigation, The Munitions Magnate was solved by our top-notch detective – Member, Hilda C.! Holmes and Watson would be proud!

5. Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, our team in Independent Living hosted a beautiful event to honor all of our incredible Veterans that call Summit Hills home. We gathered to remember and honor those who are with us, those who no longer are and those who currently serve we prayed for the Veterans. What an honor it was for us to salute these men and women! 🇺🇸It means the world to our team to be able to work with these incredible men and women every day. In Care Services, we honored our Members who served in our Armed Forces. Retired Chaplain and Colonel Roy Mathis led attendees in prayer and shared a beautiful reflection called “I am a soldier”. Each of our Members received a pin, a certificate from the local Veterans’ association and an American flag made from our other Members in Assisted Living and Reflections. We also presented them with a plaque that will be hung up in their honor for years to come. We are grateful for all those who have served and serve our great nation!