Senior Rehabilitation in Spartanburg, SC

– Summit Hills –

Summit Hills offers industry-leading senior Rehabilitation Services to both Members of our retirement community as well as outside guests. Through our partnership with Broad River Rehabilitation Services, we provide extraordinary outcomes in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Through on-site Rehabilitation Services, we can treat patients with a variety of conditions. We help you with the healthy aging process, but also treat more complex diagnoses such as stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia, low vision, dysphasia, lymphedema, post-surgical joint replacement such as knee; hip; and shoulder; pain management, and more.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you have or take a tour of our community to see what Short-Term Rehab at Summit Hills is all about.

Short-Term Rehab Services for Seniors

Physical Therapy

For people who have experienced neuromuscular or skeletal dysfunction, physical therapy can help restore motor ability. The following items are all common aspects of a physical therapy treatment plan:

  • Training in mobility, gait stability, posture and positioning
  • Exercise programs to increase muscle function, coordination and endurance
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range-of-motion
  • Wound care
  • Pain management

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is geared toward helping individuals adapt to their social and physical environment. Frequently used occupational therapy treatments include:

  • Education and training in areas such as dressing, bathing, eating and grooming
  • Activities for memory, orientation and cognitive integration
  • Adaptive techniques or equipment to overcome physical disabilities
  • Strengthening and coordination exercises
  • Exercises to reduce the effects of arthritis or other conditions to maintain normal joint movement

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathologists are specially trained in helping people overcome difficulties with speaking or swallowing. Aspects of an individualized treatment plan may include:

  • Recovery of speech, language and memory skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, including programs for the hearing impaired
  • Oral muscle strength and functioning required for speaking and swallowing
  • Appropriate diet recommendations

Exceptional Rehab Outcomes

At Summit Hills, the focus is on you, your outcomes and your goals. We offer the most aggressive, most competitive Short-Term Rehab Services in the area so that you can return home stronger than you were before.

  • Improve Walking – Ability, quality & tolerance
  • Improve balance
  • Decrease fall risk
  • Improve functional mobility & safety
  • Pain relief
  • Skin integrity/Edema
  • Increase communication skills
  • Improve reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehension
  • Address deficits in memory
  • Improve ability to follow directions
  • Improve quality of speech
  • Address breath support

Get Started

Are you interested in Rehab at Summit Hills? Would you like to learn more? Give us a call at 864-582-5561 to speak with a lifestyle advisor or schedule an appointment online. We hope to hear from you soon!