Living the Weller Life

– March 2021 –

Roy Mathis

Our Resident Author, Roy Mathis talked about the time he spent in Vietnam in his book “It was a long way from home, and a long time ago, but God was there”. He has incredible tales of people, hardship, loss, and the amazing miracles that he has seen. We were fortunate to hear these stories from such an inspiring gentleman. His book is for sale on Amazon here.

Boxing Class

Our Members had a blast getting their heart rates up during our heartbeat boxing class. Boxing offers an amazing cardio and arm workout for our seniors and it can even be low impact. We start with shadow boxing, or punching the air basically, and then move to the punching bags. Great for coordination, balance, and arm strength.

Chocolate Hour

We recently enjoyed a ‘Chocolate Hour’ and made chocolate martinis for our attendees. We enjoyed all things chocolate and this Partini was the best! Check out these incredible cocktails!

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