A Comprehensive Guide to Retiring in Spartanburg, SC

Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Spartanburg is a lively city with much to offer. Our nickname is the “Hub City” because of our long history as a center of transportation in the Carolinas. When you explore our Upstate South Carolina metropolis, you’ll be met with a combination of southern charm, rich history and contemporary flavor.

Retirees move to Spartanburg for a variety of reasons—a few of which are great weather, attractive tax benefits and vibrant community living. Check out our comprehensive guide to retiring in Spartanburg for everything you need to know and more. You can use the links below to navigate to a specific section.

Tax Benefits

One of the top reasons people choose to retire in Spartanburg is because of the tax friendliness. In fact, South Carolina as a whole is one of the most tax friendly states in the country for retirees. Here are a few reasons why:

Zero Social Security Tax

Social security is a consistent stream of income that millions of seniors rely on. And for those who live in South Carolina, 100% of that income can be retained due to the absence of social security tax.

Deduct Up to $15,000 from Income Taxes

Another way for Spartanburg retirees to save money is through a retirement income tax deduction. Residents of South Carolina can deduct up to $15,000 of taxes on their retirement income. This includes income from 401(k) plans, IRAs and pension plans.

Low Property Taxes

The average effective property tax rate in South Carolina is just 0.57%. On top of this, seniors over 65 who’ve lived in the state for over a year are exempt from property taxes on the first $50,000 of their home’s value. This is referred to as the “homestead exemption.”


Great weather is one of the many reasons people enjoy retiring in Spartanburg. On average, temperatures range from 33 to 51°F in January (the coldest month) and from 69 to 89°F in July (the warmest month). Snowfall is rare in this region, with an average of just 2 inches of snow per year, compared to a US average of 28 inches per year. However, what Spartanburg lacks in snowfall, it makes up for in a higher-than-average rainfall. On average, the city receives 49 inches of rain per year, which is more than the 2019 US average of 34.7 inches per year. Spartanburg receives an average of around 109 days of precipitation per year.

Health and Wellness

Access to top-rated healthcare should be a factor when considering any new city, whether you’re 5 or 95. As you age, maintaining optimal health and wellness is a priority, so when you’re looking into a new city, it’s important to make yourself aware of healthcare options.

The Spartanburg area has two premier healthcare systems, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and Prima Health. Their many locations bring convenience and peace of mind to the city’s residents. Both companies pride themselves in being able to offer a variety of specialty options.

Primary Care Physicians

To find primary care and specialty physicians in Spartanburg, we recommend using this tool from Medicare.gov. It allows you to search the local area for the specific providers you need, with a filter for those who accept Medicare payments.


Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Prisma Health
  • Prisma Surgical and Specialty Medicine
  • Prisma Health Medical Center – Boiling Springs

Spartanburg is uniquely located 30 miles north of Greenville, South Carolina. This brings along another group of hospitals and doctors choices to the residents of Spartanburg.

Fitness Centers and Nutritionists

A vital part of maintaining and improving your overall health is through exercise and diet. When researching gyms in a local area, you may find that there are just too many options, and the process can be overwhelming. Identifying age-friendly fitness centers can impact the quality of workout you’re doing. The International Council on Active Aging is a fantastic resource to help you find the perfect fitness center for you. Nutrition is another aspect of wellness that is crucial to reaching that goal weight or optimal fitness you’re looking for. You can use this tool, from HealthGrades to help you identify someone who specializes in dietetics.

Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities are located in a multitude of places throughout Spartanburg. As you’re researching the perfect retirement, identify what you’re specifically looking for. If you’re interested in maintenance-free living, luxury amenities, and a full continuum of care, Summit Hills may be a good fit.

Food and Drink

The culinary industry creates an experience for those enjoying a specific dish. Regardless of the flavors or ingredients, food brings together people from different backgrounds. The food and drink scene in Spartanburg never leaves its residents high and dry.

Restaurants on Yelp
Bars on Yelp


For those who enjoy shopping, Spartanburg has a variety of shopping destinations. Whether you prefer strolling through big shopping malls, finding the deals at the outlets or browsing local boutiques, you’re sure to find somewhere that meets your retail needs. Here’s the breakdown of the top places to shop in Spartanburg:

Parks & Recreation

Outdoor activities in Spartanburg are abundant with a variety of parks, recreation areas and state parks. While each of them have different amenities, they’re all perfect for some fresh air and outdoor time with friends and family. Here are the top parks and recreation spots in Spartanburg:

  • Barnet Park Barnet Park is located in the heart of downtown Spartanburg on East St. John Street. Throughout the year, concerts and events are held in this park at the Zimmerli outdoor amphitheater. There’s an accessible 2-mile paved walking trail and interactive play fountain available for park-goers.
  • Mary Black Rail Trail The Mary Black Rail Trail is a 1.9 mile paved trail that is located in downtown Spartanburg located adjacent to many restaurants, retail businesses and recreational facilities. Perfect for a walk with your pet or friends!
  • Cleveland Park Cleveland Park’s on-site rentable event center has been running for 100 years. The upper level is a barn-style space that can host up to 250 people, while the lower level is a business style event space that can host up to 100 people. Throughout the park you’ll find a beautiful pond, island gazebo, walking trail, waterside amphitheater and playground.
  • Red Tail Dog Park Opened in 2012, Red Tail is the city’s first dog park. It’s conveniently located adjacent to the Mary Black Rail Trail and sits across from the main entrance to Duncan Park on Union Street.
  • Mary H. Wright Greenway The 23.9 acre Priscilla Rumley/Mary H. Wright Greenway is located between Hudson Barksdale Boulevard and Alexander Avenue on the City of Spartanburg’s Southside. It connects several neighborhoods and is in close proximity to downtown, Duncan Park and the Mary Black Rail Trail.
  • Hot Spot Skate Park The Hot Spot Skate Park is a popular recreational facility for skateboarders throughout the Upstate and beyond. It includes street-style features such as steps, rails, boxes, ramps and ledges. In addition, it is home to a flow course with a pyramid, two half-pipes with escalators, a spine, camel hump, an eight-foot quarter pipe and a mini-bowl.

Arts and Entertainment


Spartanburg offers a rich history, and residents and tourists alike can dive into the past, present, and future of the city through its museums. When exploring the variety of things to do in Spartanburg, add the BMW Zentrum plant to the top of your list. You’ll be able to look inside the manufacturing process and sneak a peek at some beautiful cars. If you are interested in the arts, Artists Collective Spartanburg, Spartanburg Art Museum, and Spartanburg Downtown Cultural District should all be added to your list.


The performing arts bring stories to life, and Spartanburg is lucky to have numerous theatres in close proximity. Wofford College brings performances to the community through their theatre program, where they focus on creativity, collaboration, and of course, fun! You can purchase tickets here to attend one of their performances. The Chapman Cultural Center also promises to strengthen and promote the role of the arts, humanities, and sciences play in the Spartanburg area.


There are four live music venues that are dedicated to local music in Spartanburg, South Carolina. If you’re looking to explore the local music scene, visit Ground Zone, The Music Camp, The Music Stand at Blues Boulevard, or Plum Hollow Farm. There are a variety shows coming to the Greenville/Spartanburg areas—check out BandsInTown for the list.



The major highways going through Spartanburg are I-26, I-85, I-585 and US Route 176. I-26 runs from Kingsport, TN in the north down to Charleston, SC in the south. Major cities along I-26 include Asheville, NC; Columbia, SC; and Charleston, SC. I-85 runs from Richmond, VA in the north down to Montgomery, AL in the south. I-85 intersects major cities such as Charlotte, NC; Greenville, SC; and Atlanta, GA.

I-585 is a convenient offshoot of I-85 that goes through a portion of Spartanburg. It makes up a section of the longer US Route 176, which stretches through parts of both North and South Carolina.

Public Transport

Bearing the name of an ancient Greek city-state, Spartanburg’s public transit system is known as SPARTA. The acronym stands for the Spartanburg Area Regional Transit Agency.

SPARTA oversees eight different bus routes through and around the city of Spartanburg. Daily schedules vary depending on the route. For more information on bus routes, click here. They also offer a curb-to-curb paratransit service for residents with physical or mental disabilities. To learn more about paratransit and how to qualify, click here.


There are two airports in the greater Spartanburg area—the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport and the Greenville–Spartanburg International Airport. The former is a smaller airport that mostly caters to private and corporate jets. The latter serves a much larger population, with commercial flights operated by most of the major US airlines. The Greenville–Spartanburg International Airport is located in Greer, about half an hour from downtown Spartanburg.


With its ample southern charm, manageable size and desirable climate, Spartanburg SC has attracted a peaceful body of citizens who revere a high quality of life. With excellent rankings in education, family atmosphere, diversity and safety it’s easy to see why over 37,300 locals call Spartanburg home. It has a population large enough to entice innovative business, strong support of the arts, and ample healthcare facilities for young and old. In addition to a strong economic base, the crime rate remains low, creating a safe & enjoyable community. Niche markets in Spartanburg County such as Boiling Springs, Wellford, Lyman, and Landrum round out a who’s who of best places to live in South Carolina.


Best Spartanburg Neighborhoods to Retire In

There are many factors that go into the decision of where to lay your roots, but one thing’s for sure—the neighborhood you choose can make or break an area. As you’re researching specific neighborhoods in Spartanburg, you’ll find many lists of up and coming areas. Make sure to do thorough research and identify what your priorities are, whether they be schools, housing, proximity to social life, or something else. Here are a few neighborhoods you’ll find yourself seeing over and over again:

1. Converse Heights

In Converse Heights, you’ll find families enjoying a stroll on the shady sidewalks and enjoying the mild weather that Spartanburg has to offer. Located close to the Pine Street Elementary School and Happy Hollow Park, it is a great location for a quiet home.

2. Fernwood

The Fernwood neighborhood is ahead of its time, with an abundance of ranch style homes and luscious lawns. It is situated a short distance from the downtown area and conveniently located along the Cottonwood Trail.

3. Hampton Heights

Hampton Heights is a historic district in the Spartanburg area. It is the city’s oldest neighborhood, which makes it a tight-knit community that is proud of where it comes from. Hampton Heights offers a diverse community and a great location right near the downtown area. If you’re looking for a neighborhood grounded in tradition, community, and safety, you’ll find it here.

4. Hillbrook

The Hillbrook neighborhood provides its residents with reasonably priced real estate, fantastic schools, large yards, and a close community. Located on the east side of the city, you’ll find the streets bustling with active and engaged residents.

5. Wadsworth Hills

As Spartanburg was booming and needing to expand, the Wadsworth Hills neighborhood was built to ensure everyone had a place to go. You’ll find homes that are diverse in size and residents who are diverse in age range. Whether you’re starting a family or settling down for retirement, there is something to enjoy in this area.

The Hub City Awaits

If you’re looking for a great place to retire, look no further than the Hub City of Spartanburg! We are a truly unique place with a one-of-a-kind community. No matter what your age, interests or background, Spartanburg will welcome you with open arms.