Be The Change – Libby Stewart Be The Change – Libby Stewart
Social Director. I have been working at Summit Hills for the last 7 years. I worked 5 years as the Wellness Director, which is my passion, and to teach this population how to understand and use the potential of their body is incredible.
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Silver Pen Winners Announced Silver Pen Winners Announced
On April, 27th, Summit Hills awarded three scholarships to applicants in the Spartanburg area. Winners were invited to join Members for a formal dining celebration to receive their awards. The Silver Pen Competition has been hosted by Summit Hills, parent company, The Maxwell Group, since 2012.
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The Weller Life – March The Weller Life – March
Our Resident Author, Roy Mathis talked about the time he spent in Vietnam in his book “It was a long way from home, and a long time ago, but God was there”. He has incredible tales of people, hardship, loss, and the amazing miracles that he has seen.
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The Weller Life – February 2021 The Weller Life – February 2021
Last week we had a delicious afternoon as we prepared Bloody Mary’s with 3 delightful recipes to choose a winner. David, Sydney, and Libby prepared their recipes and the residents had to try all 3 of them to cast a vote. What pairs well with Bloody Mary? How about grilled cheese bites?
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Top 5 Social Events of 2020 Top 5 Social Events of 2020
In August 2020, Summit Hills Hosted ‘Route 66 Week’ filled with fun events! Attendees enjoyed fresh peach milkshakes and other Route 66 themed desserts. Later in the week, Members participated in the Summit Hills Speedway and Car Racing! It was a great way to celebrate life on the open road!
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Silver Pen Writing Competition Silver Pen Writing Competition
Apply Now Summit Hills has begun accepting applications for their annual Silver Pen Writing Competition. Every year, this writing competition awards three local high school seniors with scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,500. The deadline to apply is February 12th, 2021.
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